Our transportation solutions include carrier procurement, carrier relationship management, load planning, shipment tracking and freight payment services, and can be integrated with logistics center management and supply chain packaging solutions.

Facts + Figures

* 15,000+ Shipments Managed per Week via Ocean, Intermodal, TL, LTL, and Parcel

* 98% Of US Population is within 2-Day Transit of 5 DSC Hubs in California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and Pennsylvania

Our Approach

* Strategic. Our transportation solutions are rooted in customer goals and strategic partnerships, and our holistic optimization efforts keep customers’ entire supply chain in mind.

* Proactive. We provide shipment tracking, weather monitoring and alerts.

* Informed. We have extensive experience providing transportation services across a broad array of industries. Our insights into retail and consignee requirements enable high-performance service and risk mitigation.

* Insightful. We leverage data visualization, shipment visibility and information insights to optimize transportation decisions and performance. Our modeling expertise helps customers explore scenarios, predict future costs, identify opportunities for shipment consolidation and optimize delivery routes..

* Optimized. Customers achieve savings by leveraging our total transportation spend with carriers, our centralized transportation management resources and our consolidation opportunities.

* Collaborative. We host transportation technology and carrier summits, bringing together industry leaders and experts to advance and evolve systems, share leading practices and stay ahead of emerging transportation industry trends and technology. We communicate and develop close relationships with our carriers to ensure customer needs are met.

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