Our supply chain packaging solutions include in-network co-packing, production lines, a variety of repacking capabilities and specialized packaging services.

Facts + Figures

* 30 Locations Across the DSC Network Providing Supply Chain Packaging Services

* 1 Million Square Feet of Supply Chain Packaging Production Space

* 14+ Million Displays and Special Configurations Annually

Our Approach

* Insightful. We provide strategic assessments to identify strategies that achieve lowest total supply chain cost and optimize speed to market, taking into account product origins, consumer demand trends and network nodes.

* Optimized. We apply engineered standards and observations to develop streamlined workflows. Visual management and specialized systems provide real-time feedback to our leaders and employees to enable efficiency and productivity.

* Appropriate. We evaluate all possible options, from manual to automated solutions, to determine the optimal, most cost-effective course for the customer. For projects that are highly speculative in nature, we evaluate the whole spectrum of possible solutions, including equipment rental options if applicable.

* Informed. Unlike providers that specialize only in co-packing and packaging, we have a broader view and grasp of our customers’ overall supply chain and of retail and end-customer requirements.

* Cost-Effective. Activities are streamlined and integrated within the existing logistics center infrastructure, improving velocity to market, reducing product moves, increasing the efficiency of workflows and achieving cost containment.

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