DSC provides integrated supply chain solutions from design to execution that combine multiple elements of supply chain consulting, logistics center management, transportation management and supply chain packaging services.

Our Approach

* Customer-back. We listen first. We work with customers closely to understand each request in detail, and engage customers in the solution along the way to clarify and evaluate through collaboration.

* Holistic. We think holistically; every solution has our customers’ broader goals and end customer in mind. Whether customers are hoping to identify quick wins or design their long-term network optimization strategy, we keep the big picture in sight.

* Insightful. We help customers diagnose the root cause of problems, examine scenarios, navigate the dynamic impacts of merger and acquisition activity, explore cause/effect relationships and more. These analyses can serve to improve total cost and service, and can assist customers in mitigating risk and making key business decisions.

* Clear and Straightforward. We bring clarity to complexity, extracting critical details from complicated information sets to create simple, sophisticated, straightforward solutions.

* Flexible. Flexibility is at the foundation of our solutions. Our systems and networks are modular and quickly adaptable; our leaders are recruited and developed for cross-functionality and leading through change.

* Implementable. At DSC, the teams that develop solutions, execute the solutions. Our practitioner advantage ensures feasible, achievable solutions that are actionable and that we stand behind.

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